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Catalog Only - Luminous June

This is one of my favorite songs... it's by a band called Catalog Only... let me know whatcha think... so leave comments...

Check them out here...

If you want to hear the actual song... it's not on their MySpace, but it's the backround music on mine... so go here to hear song I just posted about...

Story behind the song from the band:This songs lyrics touch on several events in my life, and certain tendencies that I have, that are not necessarily healthy for me. To be brief, my mother passed away in 2001 and it's about struggling to overcome or deal with the grief that followed, and embracing the people who are there to support me, or my roots as the song says. And the mantra at the end, "Does this make it better", to me, it has two different purposes. The first being a question to those around me, is what I'm doing making things better for you, and a question to myself, is all the worrying, all the obsessing, and all the anxiety I can't let go, does this make it better? But of course, the song is to you, what it is to you, nothing more or less.

Artist: Catalog Only
Song Title: Luminous June

I woke up today and the gray was gone.
So I looked up the sun to see where she'd been
I took down the blinds that had darkend my room
You took my hand, said come with me.
Some trees will bend and others break
But my roots are strong and I'm grounded
One lapse of faith was all I needed
To push out the webs of despair

Someday I will learn to shine
Someday I will learn to fly
If you could see the way I fear
And how I've come so far
If you fear the way I fear
And how I've flown so far
Remember someday, I will learn

Shock to my system
These veins are blisted
By the pulse you push through me
My heartstrings are tangled
For me this is painful
Someday I hope you'll see

Does this make it better.
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